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Road Trippin': Sonata Arctica

Finland's power metal princes promise total Ecliptica!

What inspired you to re-record your debut album Ecliptica, and then to revisit it in its entirety for your tour?

Henrik Klingenberg [keyboards]: “We were first approached by our Japanese label about re-recording Ecliptica and after some serious discussions we decided to do it, as sort of a tribute to how this band got started. Having done that, we toyed with the idea about doing the whole album live and finally, when booking the shows for 2015, we found the possibility to schedule a tour around this concept. I think it’s gonna be a fun challenge for the band – and it’s only appropriate that the first time we ever play an album front to back, it’s our debut. Let’s see how this turns out! It will be a special tour, that’s for sure.”

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