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The New Testament: King 810 On Why We Should Listen Without Prejudice

The world is plagued with interracial conflicts and violence, but King 810’s David Gunn believes that music should be different and that we should all listen without prejudice.

When asked to write something for Metal Hammer, the first thing that came to mind was something most people avoid addressing, and that’s racism in our genre. I don’t think of this because Martin Luther King Day just passed in the US. I live off Martin Luther King Avenue at home – his work isn’t something that slips my mind.

Nor is my rant a result of the Eric Garner incident last year [when Garner died after a police officer put him in a choke- hold]. When I type ‘Flint MI crime’ into Google, our local news site surfaces. The most recent reports show homicides, double homicides, police being shot and police shooting civilians. Incidents like Eric Garner’s happen often where I’m from, and although I believe racism is ignorance at its worst, this isn’t my point.

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