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Hawkwind revisit early period with 11-disc box set

This Is Your Captain Speaking… Your Captain is Dead includes first 5 studio albums, 2 live albums and collection of singles from 1970-74

Hawkwind have confirmed the launched of an 11-disc box set covering their formative years.

This Is Your Captain Speaking… Your Captain Is Dead contains their first five studio albums, two live albums and a compilation of singles.

Parlophone Records say: “On January 28, 1970, Hawkwind – Dave Brock, Mick Slattery, Nik Turner, Terry Ollis, Dik Mik, and John A. Harrison – signed to Liberty Records. Slattery left soon after, to be replaced by Huw Lloyd-Langton, and the banded record their first, self-titled, album at Trident Studios in London.

“The period from 1970 to 1974 proved to be a busy time, seeing several lineup changes, the rise to prominence of a certain Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, the ingenious Space Ritual Tour – and a peculiar ban from BBC recording sessions. This box set celebrates that period.”

This Is Your Captain Speaking… is released on March 23 and it’s available for pre-order now.

CD 1: Hawkwind

  1. Hurry on Sundown

  2. The Reason Is?

  3. Be Yourself

  4. Paranoia – Part 1

  5. Paranoia – Part 2

  6. Seeing It As You Really Are

  7. Mirror of Illusion


CD 2: In Search Of Space

  1. You Shouldn't Do That

  2. You Know You're Only Dreaming

  3. Master Of The Universe

  4. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago

  5. Adjust Me

  6. Children of the Sun 


CDs 3 & 4: Greasy Truckers Party (2 CD)

  1. Announcement/Apology

  2. This Is Your Captain Speaking (breakdown)

  3. This Is Your Captain Speaking

  4. You Shouldn't Do That    

  5. The Awakening

  6. Master Of the Universe

  7. Paranoia

  8. Earth Calling

  9. Silver Machine

  10. Welcome To The Future   

  11. Born To Go

  12. Brainstorm (Jam)

  13. End Announcement

Bonus tracks:

  1. Master Of The Universe (Original 1972 LP mix)

  2. Born To Go (Original 1972 LP mix)



**CD 5: Doremi Fasol Latido  **       

  1. Brainstorm

  2. Space Is Deep

  3. One Change

  4. Lord Of Light

  5. Down Through the Night

  6. Time We Left This World Today

  7. The Watcher


CDs 6 & 7: The Space Ritual Alive (2 CD)

  1. Earth Calling

  2. Born To Go

  3. Down Through The Night

  4. The Awakening

  5. Lord Of Light

  6. Black Corridor

  7. Space Is Deep

  8. Electronic No. 1


  1. Orgone Accumulator

  2. Upside Down

  3. 10 Seconds Of Forever

  4. Brainstorm

  5. Seven By Seven

  6. Sonic Attack

  7. Time We Left This World Today

  8. Master Of the Universe

  9. Welcome To the Future

CD 8: Hall Of The Mountain Grill

  1. The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)

  2. Wind of Change

  3. D-Rider

  4. Web Weaver

  5. You'd Better Believe It

  6. Hall of the Mountain Grill

  7. Lost Johnny

  8. Goat Willow

  9. Paradox

CDs 9 & 10: 1999 Party (2 CD)

  1. Intro/Standing On The Edge

  2. Brainbox Pollution

  3. It's So Easy

  4. You Know You're Only Dreaming

  5. Veterans Of A Thousand Psychic Wars

  6. Brainstorm

  7. Seven By Seven


  1. The Watcher

  2. The Awakening

  3. Paradox

  4. You'd Better Believe It

  5. Psychedelic Warlords

  6. D-Rider

  7. Sonic Attack

  8. Master Of The Universe

  9. Welcome To The Future

CD 11: Of Time & Stars – The Singles

  1. Hurry On Sundown (mono single version)

  2. Mirror Of Illusion (mono single edit version)

  3. Silver Machine (original single mix)

  4. Seven By Seven (original single mix)

  5. Lord Of Light (single mix)

  6. Born To Go (live single version edit)

  7. Urban Guerilla

  8. Brainbox Pollution

  9. You’d Better Believe It (single version edit)

  10. Paradox (remix single edit)

  11. Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)

  12. It’s So Easy

  13. Seven By Seven (live Space Ritual single edit)

  14. Silver Machine (Roadhawks single mix)

  15. Seven By Seven (remixed single version)

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