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Portnoy prodigies reveal 1st track

Next To None, featuring Mike’s son Max, launch video shot during studio sessions - as album launch is confirmed

Next To None, the teenage prog metal prodigies featuring Mike Portnoy’s son Max, have revealed their first track.

They’ve launched a video to accompany_ You Are Not Me_, shot during recording sessions with Portnoy Senior, who’s producing debut album_ A Light In The Dark_.

In the clip the former Dream Theater sticksman says: “I can’t stress enough how much of this album is them. I don’t want people to get the impression I’m writing anything.

“I’m blown away that a group of 15 and 16-year-olds can make music this mature, intense and diverse at the age they are. They’re doing things I wasn’t doing until I was in my 30s.”

Max, 15, is joined by frontman Thomas Cuce, 16, guitarist Ryland Holland, 16, and bassist Kris Rank, 15. A Light In The Dark will be released via InsideOut on June 29, while the band support Haken on a US tour next month.

Cuce says: “Expect some great musicianship and intricate cool parts. I’m excited for people to hear the track. It’s kind of slow, so… for the ladies.”


  1. The Edge Of Sanity

  2. You Are Not Me

  3. Runaway

  4. A Lonely Walk

  5. Control

  6. Lost

  7. Social Anxiety

  8. Legacy

  9. Blood On My Hands


Digital-only bonus tracks

  1. Fortune Cookie

  2. Deafening

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