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Hagar issues noise awareness alert

Red Rocker Sammy fronts campaign to warn teenagers about hearing loss danger

Sammy Hagar is fronting a campaign to warn teenagers about the dangers of hearing loss.

The Red Rocker’s been involved with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in the US for several years. And he's joined their Listen Carefully campaign to encourage teenagers to turn down the volume of their music to preserve their hearing. 

He said this week on International Noise Awareness Day: “So many people are unaware of loud things: city traffic, buses, aeroplanes and you just ignore it. Kids don’t care or don’t think about it until it’s gone.”

The World Health Orginisation reported that 1.1billion people are at risk of permanent ear problems through listening to loud music, with 43 million people between the age of 12 and 35 currently living with hearing loss.

Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps and The Blackout recently joined safety campaign Artists including Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich have all revealed they suffer from tinnitus.

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