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All That Remains Costa's dental woes

Drummer will miss shows after piece of broken stick smashed one of his teeth

All That Remains drummer Jason Costa has been sidelined after a flying piece of broken drumstick damaged one of his teeth.

The sticksman will miss a number of shows while he has dental work to repair a cracked crown, with his place being temporarily filled by Whitechapel drummer Ben Harclerode.

Costa says: "A few days ago at a show in Virginia a part of a stick that broke off of my snare shot up and hit me in the mouth. This resulted in a cracked crown.

"I hung in there for a couple of shows but then it became a pretty big problem. In a few days I'll have a small procedure done and I'll be joining back up with the tour again."

All That Remains released latest album The Order Of Things in February.

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