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Otis Taylor ‘sticks neck out’ with Hey Joe Opus

Hendrix-focused project reaches new level of risk-taking

Otis Taylor says he’s risen to a new level of risk-taking with 14th album Hey Joe Opus / Red Meat.

It’s a study of Hey Joe, made famous by Jimi Hendrix, which has been a staple of Taylor performances for years – but it becomes the focus of a range of variations in his trademark trance blues style.

The launch follows a career that saw him quitting music in 1977, returning nearly 20 years later then reinventing his approach to banjo playing in 2008.

Taylor tells The Examiner: “You’re sticking your neck out – and this one’s a little different.

“People decide what they want to think about it, whatever you do. I don’t tell them what to think, but it is an album. That’s why I called it an opus.

“It’s an album of different misdirections – if you get going in one place, all of a sudden you go in another place. Sometimes people don’t know if they’re listening to Hey Joe or if they’re listening to me.”

Hey Joe Opus / Red Meat is available via his own Trance Blues Festival label.


01. Hey Joe
02. Sunday Morning
03. The Heart Is A Muscle (Used For The Blues)
04. Red Meat
05. Peggy Lee
06. They Wore Blue
07. Hey Joe (version)
08. Sunday Morning (version)
09. Cold At Midnight
10. Sunday Morning (C)

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