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Devon Allman keeps live shows real for son

He takes his son to see the Rolling Stones as he wanted him to experience show without VIP treatment

Devon Allman took his son to see the Rolling Stones on their US tour – but deliberately kept him away from experiencing any VIP treatment.

Allman says his 15-year-old is used to watching him play – and has seen Devon’s father Gregg in concert many times. But he wanted his son to experience a live show the way most people do.

He tells Oregon Live: “I’m like, ‘It doesn’t count when you’re on the side of the stage and everything’s free and there’s no waiting in line and no sweating. I want to take you to a real concert, no VIP. You know, like, nosebleed seats and I want you to wait in line for an hour to get that t-shirt.’

“I just wanted him to experience a concert how it really is and he had a blast.”

Allman is enjoying life as a solo performer, having left supergroup the Royal Southern Brotherhood earlier this year.

His latest album was 2014’s Ragged & Dirty – and he recently discovered he’d be sharing a stage with dad Gregg at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, which runs from July 2-5.

Allman says: “I didn’t know he was on the bill. It’s always just cool being able to catch up backstage. A few years ago, I officially became busier than him, as far as just volume of touring and the clip at which I’ve been putting records out, so I never get to see him.”

Gregg Allman will play the TeamRock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair at Mote Park, on July 26.

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