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How Montoya got over fear of live album

Coco's glad he finally bowed to pressure and launched his Songs From The Road

Guitarist Coco Montoya has revealed why he spent so long resisting calls to release a live album.

The former John Mayall sideman finally put out his volume of Ruf Records’ Songs From The Road series last year.

Montoya tells the Pottstown Mercury: “A lot of people had been wanting a live album – something to capture the night, that they could take home.

“I thought I would make too many mistakes to do a live album, so I always avoided it.”

But his love of music from the 1940s and 1950s led him to the realisation he was wrong. “All the old doo-wop, and the old soul stuff, and the old blues stuff, it was the imperfections that made the music wonderful,” he says.

“The beauty of a live album is the imperfections. It’s capturing the night with its flaws. That turned me around to have a little more bravery.”

Montoya's Songs From The Road is available now in a CD/DVD pack. He has a range of tour dates booked in North America and Europe in July, August and September.

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