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The Sword stream Dreamthieves

View lyric video for track from High Country, out this month

The Sword have issued a stream of their track Dreamthieves.

It’s lifted from fifth album High Country, released on August 21 via Napalm Records.

They previously revealed Mist & Shadow from the follow-up to 2012’s Apocryphon.

Speaking about High Country, frontman JD Cronise tells Noisey: “I hope our fans will be open to it. I know some of them will be, and they spread the word to other people who may not have been into our older stuff.

“I just want people to dig it. It’s meant to be a generally positive vibe, not super intense or doomy – just a classic rock record with different shades of tones and a good time.”

The Sword tour Europe later this month and return to the UK in September.

High Country tracklist

01. Unicorn Farm
02. Empty Temples
03. High Country
04. Tears Like Diamonds
05. Mist & Shadow
06. Agartha
07. Seriously Mysterious
08. Suffer No Fools
09. Early Snow
10. The Dreamthieves
11. Buzzards
12. Silver Petals
13. Ghost Eye
14. Turned To Dust
15. The Bees Of Spring

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