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Keith Richards' solo albums go digital

Rolling Stones guitarist will release back catalogue online ahead of Crosseyed Heart launch

Keith Richards is to make his solo back catalogue available through digital services from tomorrow (August 14).

Talk Is Cheap from 1988 and 1992’s Main Offender have only previously been available on CD and vinyl. But the Rolling Stones guitarist has decided to launch both albums ahead of the release of Crosseyed Heart on September 18.

Speaking about Talk Is Cheap in 1988, Richards told Rolling Stone: “It's kind of strange, because it was never on the cards for me. It wasn’t something I wanted to do.

“Also, in the back of my mind, doing a solo record meant a slight sense of failure. The only reason I would do a solo album was because I couldn't keep the Stones together.”

The same day that Crosseyed Heart is out, a documentary about the guitarist’s life will premiere on Netflix.

Talk Is Cheap tracklist

01. Big Enough
02. Take It So Hard
03. Struggle
04. I Could Have Stood You Up
05. Make No Mistake
07. How I Wish
08. Rockawhile
09. Whip It Up
10. Locked Away
11. It Means A Lot

Main Offender tracklist

01. 999
02. Wicked As It Seems
03. Eileen
04. Words Of Wonder
05. Yap Yap
06. Bodytalks
07. Hate It When You Leave
08. Runnin’ Too Deep
09. Will But You Won’t
10. Demon

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