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Scissormen chose ‘weird’ album sound

Ted Drozdowski and co wanted “unpredictable sonic palette” on Love And Life

Guitarist Ted Drozdowski says he and his Scissormen bandmates deliberately went for a “weird” sound on their latest album entitled Love And Life.

It was released at the end of last month, with Drozdowski, bassist Sean Zywick and drummer Pete Pulkrabek joined by Grammy-nominated organist Paul Brown and soul singer Mighty Sam McClain, who died in June.

Drozdowski says: “I wanted every song on this album to tell a story and be deeply rooted in great American music.

“I also wanted to apply more elaborate production techniques, like multi-tracking my guitars and treating them with multiple effects during and after recording to create a broader, unpredictable sonic palette – and just plain get weird.”

He continues: “That weird streak is what made the pillars of American music – Muddy Waters, Bill Monroe, Sam Phillips and others – original, authentic and evolutionary.

“Somewhere along the way, the truth and beauty of honest weirdness got lost. I want to bring it back.”

Love And Life is available to buy from the band’s website.

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