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Wilco ‘halfway’ through next album

Frontman Jeff Tweedy says band already have material up their sleeve despite recent Star Wars release

Wilco have material ready for their next record – despite recently releasing their 9th album Star Wars.

Its sudden appearance surprised fans when the band made it free for a limited time last month. And now it’s been confirmed they’ve completed 50% of the follow-up.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy tells Rolling Stone: “Usually, by the time the record comes out, I hate it. I hate talking about it. I hate all the people that have weighed in on it. I think it's done a disservice to our records, the way they've been heard in dribs and drabs. A lot of people think they've heard a whole record after just hearing one song.

“That's not the way Wilco records work. I'm thrilled. I got to put it out and basically kind of stay home – and now I'm about halfway done with the next record.”

He continues: “There's a whole other record that we have a working title for that is very different but almost in the similar state of completion to where Wilco started on this record.”

A CD version of Star Wars launches tomorrow (August 21), while a vinyl pressing is out on November 27.

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