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Nad Sylvan reveals solo album

Steve Hackett vocalist to launch Courting The Widow in October

Steve Hackett’s vocalist Nad Sylvan will release solo album Courting The Widow in October, he’s confirmed.

The eight-track title will appear via InsideOut after he previously recorded three records with his band Agents Of Mercy, featuring The Flower Kings’ Roine Stolt.

Sylvan says: “During the years with Steve I’ve developed a character known as the Vampirate. I have set him loose, so he’s invited you all aboard his great ship, to take you on a musical journey like you’ve never been on before.

“The main character, the widow herself, is a symbol of death – she’s to be courted through every song, one way or another. It is indeed a dark album, but full of loving light.”


01. Carry Me Home
02. Courting The Widow
03. Echoes Of Ekwabet
04. To Turn The Other Side
05. Ship’s Cat
06. The Killing Of The Calm
07. Where The Martyr Carved His Name
08. Long Slow Crash Landing

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