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Antimatter issue Black Eyed Man stream

Premiere: Hear track from 6th album The Judas Table

Antimatter have premiered their track Black Eyed Man with Prog.

It’s taken from sixth album The Judas Table, to be released on October 9 – and mainman Mick Moss believes anyone who’s ever suffered betrayal will relate to his latest work.

Moss says: “I gathered together the various personalities of the people whose callous, disrespectful, backstabbing actions caused me countless wasted years of depression.

“For years I thought the problem was with me. I was always open and tried my best – but I was used and betrayed many times. This led me to believe I was worthless and must have deserved it.”

But he thinks differently now. “I realise the problem was with the psychologically soulless people who treated me that way due to their nature, not mine,” he asserts.

The Judas Table is available for pre-order.


01. Black Eyed Man
02. Killer
03. Comrades
04. Stillborn Empires
05. Little Piggy
06. Hole
07. Can Of Worms
08. Integrity
09. The Judas Table
10. Goodbye

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