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Earthside set out stall with Mob Mentality video

View promo for track from ambitious debut album featuring TesseracT, Soilwork and Face The King guests

Earthside have released a video for their track Mob Mentality – and they want the ambitious production to be a benchmark for their future work.

The song features guest vocals from Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon and musical contribution by the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra, while the promo features Ballet Inc dancers Kyla Ernst-Alper and Wade Watson, choreographed by Aaron Atkins.

Mob Mentality appears on the North American quartet’s debut album A Dream In Static, set for launch on October 23.

Guitarist and composer Jamie van Dyck says: “Involving all those people in our art reaffirmed the value of what we’re doing, and sets the stage for the collaborative spirit we hope to embody as we reach into the worlds of film, dance, video games and other visual arts.”

A Dream In Static also features guest appearances from Dan Tompkins of TesseracT, Bjorn Strid of Soilwork and Eric Zirlinger of Face The King. It was produced and mixed by Opeth collaborators David Castillo and Jens Brogen.


01. The Closest I've Come
02. Mob Mentality – with Lajon Witherspoon, MSSO
03. A Dream In Static – with Daniel Tompkins 
04. Entering The Light – with Max ZT, MSSO
05. Skyline
06. Crater – with Bjorn Strid
07. The Ungrounding
08. Contemplation Of The Beautiful – with Eric Zirlinger

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