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Lemmy surprised by sex toy range

Motorhead mainman says their management called the shots on branded merchandise

Motorhead mainman Lemmy admits discovering the band had a range of sex toys came as a surprise but admits “it's working out.”

They have their name attached to an ever-growing range of merchandise but the singer insists decisions are often taken by their management team without their knowledge.

Lemmy tells “They do a deal with our manager, then he tells us and it’s too late to change it. The sex toy thing was a surprise, but it seems to be working out.”

He says he’s not had any feedback from users yet, but adds: “I’m sure I’ll get some, though.”

In contrast, Lemmy says he was fully consulted about the launch of their Motorhead whisky, created in conjunction with Swedish distillery Mackmyra.

He says: “I chose it out of five they brought us. I don’t drink it regularly. The tour rider hasn’t changed, though, because we still need whisky for the crew and they like it. A lot.”

Motorhead recently released their 22nd album Bad Magic and hit the road next month for an extensive European tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

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