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Blink 5 songs into Skiba record

Barker “really, really happy” about collaboration with Alkaline Trio’s Matt

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker says the band are five songs into writing an album with Matt Skiba.

They started studio work last month, after the Alkaline Trio frontman played a handful of shows with Barker and Mark Hoppus, following their split with Tom DeLonge.

Barker tells the NME: “Matt’s killing it. He’s fun to play with and write with. We’ve got, like, four or five songs right now that I’m really, really happy with.”

He namechecks a track called Punk Rock Cliche as his favourite to date, adding that it’s about “friends of ours and their relationships.”

Barker continues: “The goal is to just write – we don’t put a limit on how many songs. When we feel like there’s an album ready, there’s an album ready. No pressure, no deadlines.”

Asked about the differences between Skiba and DeLonge, he says: “They sound different, but still the same. Obviously it’s Matt Skiba singing, so there’s hints of Alkaline Trio, mixed with my drumming and Mark’s voice. I love what we’ve done so far.”

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