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ELO stream One Step At A Time

Hear another track from Alone In The Universe

Jeff Lynne has streamed ELO track One Step At A Time.

It’s taken from the album Alone In The Universe, to be released on November 13 after he reactivated the band last year.

Lynne this week revealed he was aiming to play some live shows in the UK next year and said: “If it goes well I’ll certainly do more stuff.”

Alone In The Universe tracklist

  1. When I Was A Boy
  2. Love & Rain
  3. Dirty To The Bone
  4. When The Night Comes
  5. The Sun Will Shine On You
  6. Ain’t It A Drag
  7. All My Life
  8. I’m Leaving You
  9. One Step At A Time
  10. Alone In The Universe
  11. Faultline (Bonus)
  12. Blue (Bonus)

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