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EODM: Love, joy and music will always overcome

Jesse Hughes sends message of hope as they return to terror attack scene

The Eagles Of Death Metal have underlined their belief in human spirit after their emotional return to Paris earlier this week.

Jesse Hughes and co appeared as guests of U2 at their concert in the French capital on Monday night – their first performance since the terrorist attack of November 13 that left 89 people dead at their show in the Bataclan venue.

Hughes, guitarist Dave Catching and drummer Julian Dorio yesterday visited the scene of the atrocity to lay flowers. They struggled to contain themselves as they examined memorial wreaths and messages left for the victims.

EODM say: “We want to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything our brothers in U2 did for us. 

“They reminded us that the bad guys never take a day off, and therefore we rock’n’rollers cannot either – and we never will.

“We are incredibly grateful to U2 for providing us the opportunity to return to Paris so quickly, and to share in the healing power of rock’n’roll with so many of the beautiful people of this great city.”

They add: “Thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy, and music will always overcome terror and evil. We look forward to fighting the good fight on many more fronts very soon, especially when we pick up our tour in 2016.”

They’ll return to Paris in February.

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