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Dani Filth thankful for 22 years in industry

Frontman recognises band's fortunate position in midst of changing music landscape

Cradle Of Filth vocalist Dani Filth says the band are thankful to have lasted 22 years as the music business has changed dramatically since he formed the group.

He thinks the “shortening attention span” of music fans and the trend for illegal downloading is having an impact on bands.

He tells TV Rock Live: "We’re quite fortunate musically that we survived 22 years. We’re a big band but the mountain is sliding because there's such an avalanche of new bands and bands reforming, a lack of sales etc.

"I don't believe it’s the death of music. With the opening up of Eastern Europe and Russia, that will extend people's touring cycles."

He continues: "People prefer to spend their money on computer games rather than albums, and they will realise that their favourite bands will start disappearing, winking out like faded stars, because they won’t have the money to make quality records or tour."Filth also reflects on the life of touring bands after the Paris terror attacks which left 130 dead, saying they were forced to beef up security at their Copenhagen show the day after the massacre.

“The day after the French incident we played in Copenhagen and we had two members of the SWAT team hiding out by the entrance with fully automatic rifles incase anything happened,” Filth says. "We don't think anyone was aware that they were even there."

But he adds: "Everyone knows they're vulnerable onstage.

“It can strike anytime, anywhere and people have just got to be vigilant. You can’t live in fear."

Cradle of Filth will be playing four UK and Ireland shows in March to support their 11th album Hammer of The Witches which was released in July.

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