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Nine Inch Nails unveil Cargo In The Blood art book

Only 2000 copies of Hesitation Marks-related package will be released

Nine Inch Nails have teamed up with long-time collaborator and artist Russell Mills to create Cargo In The Blood – a book of art created for their 2013 record Hesitation Marks.

The deluxe limited edition book costs $300 (£200) and contains all the artwork that Mills produced for the band’s last studio album.

Mills says: "I created a total of 30 pieces for Hesitation Marks and they chose Cargo In The Blood for the cover of the deluxe CD.

"The title seemed to sum up everything I’ve been working on for the last five to 10 years, this whole idea of something that can be carried in the blood and it could be good or bad, something that could be character-building, something that could be destructive, something that could be positive.”

Each volume includes an original mixed media painting by Mills, specifically commissioned for the project.

There are only 2000 copies available, which can be bought via the band’s website.

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