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Toby Jepson introduces new band Wayward Sons

Former Gun and Little Angels frontman signs with Frontiers Music and plans Wayward Sons debut album for 2017

Former Gun and Little Angels frontman Toby Jepson has revealed his new band, Wayward Sons.

The band will release their debut album next year via Frontiers Music Srl. Jepson has not revealed the names of any other members of the group.

He says: "I feel I have unfinished business, stories still left to tell, points to make, noise to create, all of the above. Besides, it wasn't a choice, more of a need.

"My intention is very simple. I want to sing about what makes me tick, about what I believe in. Hopefully you will believe in it too.

"I hope I can help by being passionate through entertainment. I'm currently writing the first album. We hope to record later this year and release next year through Frontiers Records."

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Wayward Sons' Facebook page will offer ongoing updates on the progress of the album, Jepson says.

Jepson's most recent release was his 2013 solo album Raising My Own Hell.

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