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Paul Stanley reconnection with Ace Frehley won’t lead to Kiss return

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley is delighted to have reconnected with ex-guitarist Ace Frehley - but doesn’t believe it’ll lead to a reunion

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley doesn’t believe guitarist Ace Frehley will return to the band, despite the pair settling their differences recently.

Frehley departed for the second and apparently final time in 2002, and some bad feeling seemed to remain until Stanley made a guest appearance on his solo album Origins Volume 1, released in April.

Asked about a reunion, Stanley tells Phone Booth Fighting: “I don’t see it – and to me, that makes it even better.

“You can have people in your life, and what they are in your life changes over time. I’m happy to see Ace. We text. He was on the radio last week and I texted him, ‘I’m listening.’

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“It doesn’t need to go further than that, but the fact that it’s there is a terrific thing.”

He describes his contact with Frehley as “about opening the door again” and continues: “I’m the one who benefits from it. I don’t want to go through life thinking, ‘What if I had done this?’ I want to face everything and see where it takes me.”

Stanley adds: “Reading into it, where’s it going to lead, and maybe… There’s none of that. There’s just the joy and satisfaction of reconnecting.”

Frehley discussed the chances of a reunion in April, telling Loudwire: “None of that’s been discussed. I was just happy to get him on. I always leave the door open.”

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