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Motley Crue tour boss dishes dirt on final tour

Motley Crue tour manager discusses final tour in clip from concert movie: “Some days they like each other, most days they don’t”

Motley Crue tour manager Tim Krieg describes the band as “guys going in four different directions” in a clip from their farewell concert movie.

The End – which was shot on December 31 last year – will be screened in selected cinemas tonight (June 14) before an expected DVD release at a later date.

The fresh clip features previously reported comments, including bassist Nikki Sixx’s description of his colleagues as “not enemies but not friends.” That led him to later call on people to avoid making simplified judgements about their 35-year career.

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Krieg says in the video: “These guys are going in four different directions. They’re on four different buses. Most of the time they’re staying at different hotels from one another.

“It’s been a year and seven months we’ve been doing this final tour. We’re really looking forward to it finishing.”

He adds: “Some days they like each other, some days they don’t. Most days they don’t. But when they’re on stage together, when someone fucks with one of them, all four jump on ‘em.

“It’s pretty amazing – they’re connected even though they’re disconnected.”

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