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NOFX pay tribute to young fan who died after falling at gig in Copenhagen

Samuel Pollas, 20, fell and hit his head during NOFX show in Denmark and later died in his sleep

NOFX frontman Mike Burkett has paid tribute to a young fan who died after hitting his head at a gig in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Samuel Pollas attended NOFX's show at the city's Den Gra Hal venue on June 15 and he hit his head on the ground after falling. The 20-year-old went home, but later died in his sleep.

Burkett says: "This is Samuel. He was 20. He hit his head on the ground at our show in Copenhagen. He was nauseated and dizzy, but decided to go home and sleep. He never woke up. Our hearts go out to his mother and friends.

"Samuel's mother would like to give this warning given to other 'invulnerable' young. 'If you're drunk and hit your head, do not go to bed without getting it checked. Let none of your friends walk home alone after a fall or blow to the head. Take care of yourselves and each other.'

"Wise words. RIP Sammy."

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Copenhagen photographer Mette Kramer Kristensen also paid tribute to Pollas. In a Facebook post, she writes: "Samuel was a wonderful boy that I loved so much. So sweet and loving, always ready with a smile and a big hug and full of love for his fellow man. We met many times over the last three to four years for concerts, demonstrations, activities etc.

"I lost a wonderful friend all way too early, and it really hurts, so please be nice to take good care of each other out there – at concerts, in traffic...wherever."

Burkett is currently 33 days into a detox as he aims to quit drinking for good.

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