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Sammy Hagar releases Sam I Am remix

Listen to the remix of Sam I Am from forthcoming album This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started, Volume 1

Sammy Hagar has made a remix of his 2006 track Sam I Am available to stream.

The revamped song is taken from his forthcoming album This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started, Volume 1, which launches on November 18. It can be pre-ordered via the former Van Halen frontman's RedRocker website.

Hagar says the songs on the record were written during his time in his band, the Wabos, a group he formed after exiting Van Halen. He recalls that record labels weren't interested in his new direction – but the material "built a hardcore following" of fans, known as Redheads.

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He says: "When I finished some songs, I ran them by my friends at major labels, they would all say, 'This is not what we want from Sammy Hagar.' And I would say, 'But this is Sammy Hagar, this is who Sammy Hagar is today!' I was obviously changing into more of a lifestyle artist – some got it, some didn't.

"This is when the party started. I played hundreds, maybe thousands, of shows anywhere and everywhere without a setlist and built a hardcore following of 'Redheads.' They were really into what we were doing.

"The birthday bash in Cabo got to the point where thousands of people were sleeping on the streets to hang out with us, and live the life we were living.

"These are some of the special songs, and some of the special times in my musical life that I want to share with you in this special collection."

Hagar this year apologised to Van Halen for his part in their 10-year feud – he'd sent Eddie Van Halen a text in January to wish him happy birthday, and reported that the guitarist had replied.

Sammy Hagar This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started, Volume 1 tracklist

  1. Stand Up
  2. Serious Juju
  3. Little Bit More
  4. Ten 13
  5. The Real Deal
  6. Tropic Of Capricorn
  7. Maui Wowie
  8. Shag (Outtake Mix) (alternate mix)
  9. Halfway To Memphis
  10. Sam I Am (alternate mix)
  11. Livin' On A Coastline
  12. One Sip
  13. No Worries (alternate mix)
  14. Never Said Goodbye (alternate mix)

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