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Last In Line to record new album in 2017

Vivian Campbell confirms Last In Line will record 2nd album in 2017 – and he hopes to replicate the Dio-esque sound of this year's Heavy Crown

Last In Line will record their second album in 2017, Vivian Campbell confirms.

The guitarist, who was part of the original Dio lineup with drummer Vinny Appice and bassist Jimmy Bain, says he's already started jotting down ideas for the follow-up to this year's Heavy Crown.

Campbell tells Eon Music: "There will be a second album. I've certainly started writing for it. I've got ideas for it.

"I think in January we'll probably go in the studio together and we'll start jamming song ideas. I don't know when we're going to record it, but definitely sometime in 2017 we will finish another Last In Line record, because we're really encouraged by the response Heavy Crown got."

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He continues: "I think we hit the target that we aimed for, which was we wanted to make a record that was reminiscent of that era, and we went about writing and recording it in the spirit that we had approached the original Holy Diver album in, without being contrived.

"There is an undeniable sound when Vinny Appice plays drums, it raises my game as a guitar player, and when Vinny and I play together, and especially when Jimmy and Vinny and I played together, it was 75% of the original Dio band, and it was a sound that we naturally had. It is very Dio-esque, and everybody really shines."

Appice recently admitted he doesn't think the late Ronnie James Dio would like the idea of his former bandmates playing together in Last In Line.

Dio will become one of the first inductees into the new Hall Of Heavy Metal History at a ceremony in Los Angeles next month.

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