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KOYO premiere new track Lost In The Kingdom

Exclusive: KOYO release stream of their new track Lost In The Kingdom - from their upcoming debut album

KOYO have released a stream of their new track Lost In The Kingdom exclusively with Prog.

It features on the Leeds band’s self-titled debut album which will launch on June 9 via 88 Watt Ltd.

The band’s Huw Edwards tells Prog: “Lost In The Kingdom was the last song we wrote for the album. We realised the album was full of long, dark and twisted epics and we were inspired to write something that resolved a little quicker both structurally and conceptually. Something that didn't take eight minutes to get its point across!

“We were listening to Graceland and Vulfpeck and generally appreciating a lot of 80s type sounds, and I think you can hear that, especially in the Roto-Toms at the end.”

He continues: "Lyrically, I was coming to the end of a season in my life and feeling pretty exhausted. It's about that moment where something or someone comes along and changes all that, giving you a fresh perspective.”

KOYO have also announced that they’ll play a free show at Birthdays in Dalston, London, on June 9.

In March, KOYO released a video for Tetrachromat (Parts 1 & 2).

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Koyo tracklist

  1. Strange Bird In The Sky
  2. Jettisoned
  3. The Beauty Of Loneliness
  4. Lost In The Kingdom
  5. Jouska
  6. Ray Of Sunshine
  7. What Is Mine
  8. Now I Understand
  9. Tetrachromat (Parts 1 & 2)
  10. Release

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