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Kevin Godley seeks collaborators for new solo album

Kevin Godley opens pre-order campaign for his solo album Muscle Memory - and asks musicians to submit instrumental pieces for unique collaborative effort

Kevin Godley has launched pre-orders for his first solo album titled Muscle Memory via PledgeMusic.

But it’s no ordinary campaign – as Godley is asking fellow musicians to submit instrumental pieces which he'll turn into songs for the album, with the parties involved sharing an equal 50/50 copyright split with him.

Godley says: “Recently something happened that eclipsed any songwriting techniques I'd learned in 10cc or Godley & Creme. Out of the blue, I was sent two recorded instrumental tracks with requests to write melodies and lyrics and turn them into songs. Both tracks came from people I'd never met and still haven’t.

“We communicated by email and all I did was load their tracks into Garageband and react to them vocally. Experiencing this kind of remote collaboration and its results has been transformational for me, as I believe I've recorded two of my best ever songs and Muscle Memory will be about opening this collaborative door a lot wider.”

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He adds: “It's my first time out fronting a record so it's exciting and daunting in equal measure – but it's something I've wanted to do for a long time and with your help I intend to make it count.

“The idea is to work on 10 new tracks that inspire me and share the copyright 50/50 with each writer or co-writers. It's that simple.”

Godley is looking for musical pieces from new and emerging acts through to established musicians covering any genre, tempo and mood, but cautions: “Please don’t send me anything too predictable. I thrive on unusual structures and sounds.

“Tracks must be original, instrumental recordings, ideally lasting between three and five minutes and should be uploaded as stereo mixes.”

Godley is looking at releasing Muscle Memory in the first half of 2018.

He’s also listed a range of incentives for those pre-ordering the record, including visits to the studio, attending an exclusive album playback event along with signed CDs and vinyl.

Find out more at Godley's PledgeMusic page.

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