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Aerosmith have 5 more years, with new music to come - Brad Whitford

Guitarist Brad Whitford reports the band have started recording a “very rock’n’roll” track, and hopes for more years of touring

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford has confirmed they’re recording a new track – and he expects they’ll be around for at least five more years, with new material to be released during that time.

The band’s future has been the focus of speculation after they hinted that they might be ending their touring career, while remaining unsure whether it was worth working on a follow-up to 2012 album Music From Another Dimension!. guitarist Joe Perry, for one, talked up the prospect of continuing to workon stage andin the studio.

Whitford tells Billboard: “We actually did some recording while we were touring Europe, and we started recording a new song in the studio in London.

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“The song is a musical idea of Joe Perry’s. We’re doing it very much like we did songs back when we started out. It’s very rock’n’roll.”

And he accepts the industry landscape had changed, saying: “You have to do things really differently. We could just release one song and make it available for download.

”You don’t have to record a whole CD any more. Hopefully we can put out this one song, or two or three.”

Asked what’s in store for the Boston giants, Whitford replies: “Hopefully there’s five more years – it’s got longer. We’re going to keep playing until we can’t play any more.”

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