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Cannibal Corpse announce new album Red Before Black

Cannibal Corpse will release their 14th studio album Red Before Black in November

It’s been revealed that Cannibal Corpse will release their 14th studio album later this year.

Titled Red Before Black, it’s set to arrive on November 3 via Metal Blade and will feature a total of 12 tracks.

Details are limited but the cover art has been released and it’s also been revealed that the follow-up to 2014’s A Skeletal Domain has been produced by Erik Rutan. A US tour will follow shortly after the record's launch.

Find the cover art and tracklist below.

Earlier this year, it was announced that a previously undiscovered species of primordial giant worm was named in honour of Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster.

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Cannibal Corpse Red Before Black tracklist

  1. Only One Will Die
  2. Red Before Black
  3. Code Of The Slashers
  4. Shedding My Human Skin
  5. Remaimed
  6. Firestorm Vengeance
  7. Heads Shoveled Off
  8. Corpus Delicti
  9. Scavenger Consuming Death
  10. In The Midst Of Ruin
  11. Destroyed Without A Trace
  12. Hideous Ichor

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