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Cannibal Corpse defend Suicide Silence over musical direction

George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher defends Suicide Silence for their change in sound - takes issue with fans speaking on behalf of late frontman Mitch Lucker

Cannibal Corpse frontman George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher has leapt to the defence of Suicide Silence, who have come under fire from some of their fans regarding their new sound.

Suicide Silence released their self-titled fifth album in February but it split opinion, with some fans angry about Eddie Hermida’s use of ‘clean’ vocals – with some reporting that wouldn’t have happened with late vocalist Mitch Lucker.

But Fisher has now spoken on the situation – and takes issue with fans who think they speak on behalf of Lucker.

He tells the Metal Injection Livecast (via The PRP): “Suicide Silence have been given a lot of grief from fans who say, ‘Mitch would be rolling in his grave.’ To that I say, fuck off! You didn’t fucking know him. I knew him.

“We did a South American tour with those guys and I sang on one of their records – Mitch is the one who asked me to do that.

"We were drinking in this bar in South America and Mitch said, ‘I know we’re different death metal than you guys, and some would say it’s not real death metal like you guys. I would be honoured if you sang on our record.’

“I was like, ‘Dude, fuck all those people that don’t believe you’re real death metal. It’s just different. You do a different style. I would definitely do it.’ And of course, he passed away, but I did do it.”

While Fisher calls fans “the lifeblood of this music” he adds: “It doesn’t give you the right to talk like you know Mitch – like, ‘Oh, Mitch is rolling in his grave with you guys doing clean vocals.’ How the fuck do you know? Did you know him? That irks me, man. I just don’t get it."

Fisher continues: “If it was somebody who was his friend, then fair enough, we can have this conversation. Otherwise, give me a break. Don’t just give me this ‘he’s rolling in his grave.’ That’s an insult to his bandmates who lost their friend.

“Suicide Silence are my boys. If you don’t think they’re death metal, fuck you!”

Cannibal Corpse will release their new album Red Before Black on November 3 via Metal Blade Records.

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