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Iamthemorning’s Gleb Kolyadin teams up with Jordan Rudess for new track

Iamthemorning’s Gleb Kolyadin releases video for his track Storyteller - featuring Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess

Iamthemorning’s Gleb Kolyadin has released a video for his track Storyteller.

The song features on the pianist’s self-titled solo album which launched last week via Kscope, with Storyteller featuring a guest appearance from Dream Theater keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess.

Kolyadin says: “Storyteller is the final point of this musical journey. After passing through intricate corridors and stairs, the character finds a secret room where he comes to understand himself and everything that is happening with him. The room is a real mystical location in which time and space are intertwined."

He adds: “I think no one could play the solo part better than Jordan. His rocking piece is the true magic. I'm happy that everything turned out the way it did. His part was the most important detail that breathed new life into the track.”

Kolyadin’s album also features guest performances from Marillion’s Steve Hogarth, Gavin Harrison, Nick Beggs and Mick Moss.

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