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TeamRock+ Membership FAQ

Everything you need to know about our new membership program.

Where’s my confirmation email?

When you’ve purchased your TeamRock+ membership a confirmation email will be sent to your email account from our official account, please file this in case you have any problems with your subscription

How do I get my digital subscription?

When you subscribe to the TeamRock+ VIP tier you will be sent an email containing an access code and the option to redeem a subscription to either Classic Rock, Metal Hammer or Prog. When you’ve decided the magazine you wish to subscribe to, click the appropriate link and enter your access code when you reach the checkout. When the order is processed follow the download instructions for your IOS device on the order confirmation page. The subscription will continue until such time you decide to leave your TeamRock VIP membership. For reference Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines publish 13 issues per calendar year with Prog at 10 per calendar.

Please be aware that TeamRock digital edition subscriptions are not currently supported on Android devices.

When will the recurring payment for my TeamRock+ membership be taken?

Memberships are billed on a monthly basis. For example, if you sign up to your TeamRock+ Membership on 5th September your next payment will be due on the 5th October.

How do I upgrade my TeamRock+ membership plan?

In order to upgrade your membership you will need to cancel your standard membership via the unsubscribe page and then Re-subscribe to the VIP membership package.

Do you provide refunds?

Please note the minimum term of any membership is 1 month. Except as set out below, cancellations are not permitted until the end of this minimum term and we will not issue you a refund. Should you wish to cancel after the minimum term, please write to us or call us. If you are a UK or EU customer, you may cancel your subscription at any time within 14 days of the date of purchase (“Cancellation Period”). Future cannot supply you with content via TeamRock+ ‘Standard Membership’ or ‘VIP Membership’ during the Cancellation Period unless you consent to Future doing so. Future will assume that you wish your membership to start immediately unless you advise Future otherwise. By downloading the digital content comprised within your purchase, you consent to Future providing you with your digital product. You acknowledge and accept that by commencing the download of digital content you will lose your right to cancel your membership within the cancellation period.

How do I cancel my TeamRock+ membership?

Go to your subscription and follow the instructions. Your membership will then terminate at the end of the current billing period.

How can I contact you?

To discuss any issues relating to your membership email