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Accept: Blood Of The Nations

Album Review

Accept feel restless and wild once more.

Can Accept do it? Can they match – or even exceed – the hallowed legacy of Udo Dirkschneider’s tenure? It’s early days, but with ex-TT Quick vocalist Mark Tornillo they should be on the verge of a renaissance – especially judging by this supremely confident showing.

Witness the berserker metal of Teutonic Terror and its ‘We will give them the axe!’ refrain for proof – castles, swords, galloping horses, it’s got the freaking lot. And then we have the head-banging Shades of Death, the Fast As A Shark thrash-o-thon that is Locked & Loaded and contagious chug of Pandemi_c (‘_It’s a metal disease’ don’tcha know...). 

Tornillo’s not quite an Udo clone – he lacks that sinister, clipped Germanic phrasing – but he wears his (metal) heart on his sleeve and delivers asuitably balls-to-the-wall performance (sorry ’bout that...). 

In a nutshell, as far as returns to form go, this is stupendously strong.

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