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Marseille: Unfinished Business

Album Review

And still it’s unfinished.

It’s more than 30 years since Marseille threatened to become a major band, by doing it The French Way. They were lively and full of the right stuff, but it never happened for them.

Now they’re back, but, on the evidence of their new record they’ve started to stagnate. The new Marseille don’t seem to have the musical drive or creativity to take off from where they left off. 

Unfinished Busines_s is decent enough, as a basic-style NWOBHM record, but these days that’s not enough. The band get off to a reasonable start on the title track and _I Believe, but never kick on, and too often settle for the obvious, as on Everyone Dies Young, when something a little different is called for. 

Ultimately, Unfinished Business is a disappointing album.

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