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Virgil & The Accelerators:
The Radium

Album Review

Welsh whippersnapper delivers the goods.

Still not into his 20s, Virgil McMahon is the latest UK-raised blues-rock prodigy. Backed in a power-trio by his drummer brother Gabriel and bassist Jack Timmis, Virgil has already gone some way to establishing himself on the UK touring circuit, yet few will have expected a debut album quite as mature and accomplished as this.

Although on stage he covers Hendrix, the Bluesbreakers and Stevie Ray Vaughan, this album triumphs thanks to the combined strength of 11 self-written songs and the technique of its main creator. 

Opener Working Man has a slight ring of Joe Bonamassa, but Virgil is no mere copyist, and the weighty Backstabber grasps the nettle of youthful anger.

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