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Kill Devil Hill: Kill Devil Hill

Album Review

Sludgy supergroup serve up a mammoth hunk of rawk.

It comes as no surprise that Kill Devil Hill, sharing their name with a town in North Carolina, have the blood of Pantera and Down pulsing through their veins in the form of bassist Rex Brown – first track War Machine rips open, oozing with thick, southern-style groove not unlike that of the aforementioned sludge legends.

But Brown isn’t the only famous name emblazoned on this debut: drummer Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell and Dio is also part of the package. 

Thick grooves, classic heavy metal riffage and a sprinkling of grungy undertones make this a meaty helping of solid rawk. They’ve got the sound nailed and their songwriting is top-notch too – there are a number of belters on this debut. 

Heavy, varied and cut from the same cloth as some of metal’s biggest acts, this is one supergroup worth the hype.

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