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The Nomads: Solna

Album Review

Clearing out the garage.

he Nomads were the Swedish band worshipping at the altar of garage rock when The Hives were merely a twinkle in Iggy Pop’s eye. Solna, their eighteenth album in a 31-year career, sees them on as effervescent form as ever – if anything, more so now that garage rock clusterfuck of a decade ago is a fading memory.

Despite helping found the scene in their home country, Solna finds The Nomads adding textures and flavours from elsewhere, pouring in pure Rolling Stones-inspired rock’n’roll (You Won’t Break My Heart), gothic atmospheres (The Bad Times Will Do Me Good), punkabilly (American Slang) and even, on 20,000 Miles, moments of Sugar-coated Bob Mould melodicism. 

Proof, once more, that you can do an awful lot of good with three chords and a heart full of good intentions.

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