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The Windmill: The Continuation

Album Review

Turbine-charged Norwegians continue to impress.

The Windmill have been floating around the Scandinavian prog scene since 2001. Their debut of three years ago, To Be Continued?, was received well, and this follow-up is also intensely gratifying.

Resolutely grabbing influences from the likes of Camel, Jethro Tull and Genesis, The Windmill have blended their inspirations in an attempt to fashion their own idiosyncratic sound. In the main they’ve achieved that, with clever melodic twists loitering in many tracks. 

All-too-brief opener The Continuation is a flourishing instrumental that neatly sets up the eloquent The Masque. Weaving through countless segments, the music gradually builds from a fragile foundation to a triumphant finale crammed with hectic keyboard noodling and towering guitar. Despite the lush orchestration, Not Alone comes across as slightly twee, and Giant Prize is the possibly most misguided venture into reggae since 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday

Ambitious 25-minuter The Gamer is their finest turn and filled with great musicianship. The vocals grate in parts, but only fleetingly and ultimately The Continuation is a clear statement of this band’s future intent.

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