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YAITW: When Life Comes To Death

Album Review

The kids are all right when they listen to black metal

Their name – an acronym for Young And In The Way – has always been a headscratcher, but the racket these ‘meddling youths’ purvey makes it obvious that candlelit violence, black metal and metallic hardcore is a big portion of how Friday nights are spent at their Charlotte, NC compound.

Their influences have matured; whereas it was once obvious that BM was a genre of recent discovery, When Life Comes To Death leans more towards the atonal sear and reverb wash side of the equation. 

There’s still a filthy edge on the likes of Embrace Extinction and Fuck This Life, but album three draws inspiration from the machine-gunning, Norwegian second wave. That they direct Shadow Of Murder and Take My Hand towards introspection with delicate mournfulness illustrates the band taking steps at both expression and expansion.

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