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Class Of Kill ’Em High: Enjoy

Album Review

A sugar-sweet nostalgia trip for children of the 90s.

If impeccable taste was a guarantee of success, Class Of Kill ’Em High would already be riding high.

Bursting in with the euphoric Jesus And Mary Chain-tastic Ultima Hombre, the Swedes go on to raid the grunge-pop dressing-up box, everything from the non-more-Nirvana Rhino to the Lemonheads-loving Death Is Forever, flaunting a deep, ingrained love for 90s rock. 

What Enjoy lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in sheer, wag-tailed puppy-dog enthusiasm, and the only sensible course of action seems to be to dig out your old plaid shirt and join in with an equal amount of enthusiasm.


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