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Eastern Front: Descent Into Genocide

Album Review

War-ready Brit black metallers rally some more troops

Fairly ubiquitous since even before the release of their debut album some four years ago, Eastern Front have long been a regular on the live circuit in the UK and will likely be familiar with anyone with even a passing interest in black metal in this country.

Peddling a war-themed take on the genre owing much to the likes of Gorgoroth and Marduk, the band have always made up for their lack of originality with solid songwriting. Personnel problems have delayed this follow-up and several questions have hung over the group since half their lineup departed to form Stahlsarg. As it turns out, while the live shows might have been affected by the shift, it doesn’t appear to have made a huge impact on their studio work. Still tending toward the relentless and often built upon a percussive bombardment, there is perhaps a slightly more embittered and introspective tone this time around, with melancholy melodies laced into the template, offering a nod to Endstille at times. With a meaty but unfussy production, this is an above average opus, though one that could maybe do with a touch more individualism.

Via Candlelight


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