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Maybeshewill: Fair Youth

Album Review

Change of pace for the Leicester post-rockers.

They say good things come to those who wait, and so it is with Maybeshewill’s latest release.

Since 2011’s _I Was Here For A Moment, Then __I Was Gone_, the band’s profile has ballooned, with them touring all over the world and signing to Superball. Perhaps as a result of this experience, _Fair Youth_ feels like the product of a very different band. Firstly, and perhaps most noticeably, the album is lighter than its predecessor. There are still those characteristically post-rock sweeping highs and rushes of distortion, as on _All Things Transient_ and _Waking Life_, but there’s less grit. The exception to the rule is the frantic _Sanctuary_, which marks the high point of the record. Secondly, the album is more focused – there are still deeply layered takes – but this is a band that’s leaner and sharper. Of course, this makes sense. When you support Dillinger Escape Plan, why try to be heavier? There’s no point; and when you’re considering how to play an album live, then why not write it ready to be played as it was conceived. _Fair Youth_ shows, if nothing else, that pragmatism doesn’t mean artistic compromise, and live it should prove just as excellent. 


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