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Electric Wizard: Time To Die

Album Review

Satan’s favourite sludge-metal stoners get high on their own supply.

Moving to their own label after almost two decades with Rise Above, Dorset doom-metal veterans Electric Wizard are not exactly stretching themselves on their eighth album.

Of course, you pretty much know what to expect with a band named after two Black Sabbath tunes: mudslide riffs, turbo-screeching vocals, Hammer-horror occult lyrics and a thick marijuana fug of fuzzed-up vintage amp-blowing stoner-sludge heaviosity. Incense For The Damned and Destroy Those Who Love God rework overfamiliar tropes, churning psych-rock cauldrons overlaid with dated clips of US news bulletins linking heavy rock to Satanism. 

But Jus Oburn and his ever-changing line-up also make some agreeably exotic detours here, spicing up more unruly tracks such as I Am Nothing and Funerals Of Your Mind with molten noise-rock eruptions and gale-force howls of atonal guitar, edging away from the band’s retro-metal comfort zone towards My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth territory. At their best, the Wizard can still make you spurt blood from every orifice.


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