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The Mojo Gurus: Who Asked Ya?

Album Review

Mid-60s R&B boogie.

It’s hard to believe that vocalist Kevin Steele, who is the mastermind behind this band, once fronted 80s trash rockers Roxx Gang. Well, actually it isn’t that hard.

Roxx Gang were always prepared to incorporate different influences, so the fact that the Gurus sound like The Yardbirds, with hints of the Flying Burrito Brothers and Canned Heat is no shock. And it’s all done with a sense of fun and style. 

The band hit a straightforward groove on Where You Hidin’ Your Love, and keep up the expressive momentum throughout. It’s all a good, clean retro kicking that’s best compared to very early Georgia Satellites. But there is the occasional twist, as on the South American dance salvo of Bandito and the pure country nose tweak of Wha’ D’ Ya Want From Me

There’s nothing innovative here, but who cares. It’s all about the jive, and the music will get your feet moving.


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