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Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

Album Review

Soundtrack to a documentary about cities inspiring a soundtrack

Recorded in eight different cities in eight different studios and telling eight different stories, is the Foo Fighters' eighth album a coherent concept or a monumental mess? Here's what we learnt.

The album is only about a third of the story

Sonic Highways is an album, documentary series and existential road-trip of rock’n’roll discovery. Deciding they never got the chance to really explore the towns they toured through, Foo Fighters set out to record their ninth album in eight different cities, while Dave Grohl further indulged his role as the mixing desk Morgan Spurlock (last year he directed a documentary about the legendary Sound City studios) by making an HBO docu-series along the way, exploring the musical history of each city and studio and then recording a song there with last-minute lyrics referencing what he’d learned. It’s kind of a muso’s edu-Monkees.

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