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Iron Maiden: The Complete Albums Collection 1980-1988

Album Review

Eight albums from the period that prompts the most affection in many fans, before the departure of Adrian Smith.

On July 21, 1982, Iron Maiden played the 102nd show on their mammoth Beast On The Road tour, at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. The following day, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson showed up at the city’s branch of Tower Records, where I accosted them with my copy of Number Of The Beast. They signed it and, back at my uncle’s house, I forced him to listen to the title track.

As Barry Clayton’s satanic introduction boomed through the kitchen, I expected he’d be horrified, while part of me secretly hoped – in the unspoken manner of teens the world over – that he’d be impressed, somehow understanding what I understood, and convert to the cause. Instead, he reacted in the manner of adults the world over, shrugging his shoulders and telling me it was a phase that wouldn’t last. I’d “move on” once I’d “grown up”.


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