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Prog Round-up: February 2015

Album Review

Geoff Barton on new releases from Fish On Friday, Rubik1138, Vertica, Fruits de Mer and Margin

Fish On Friday: Godspeed

Hailing from the land of Plastic Bertrand (ie Belgium), Fish On Friday specialise in AOR-inflected prog that’s reminiscent of the Alan Parsons Project. But delve beneath the lush instrumentation and you’ll find some bleak musings. She Colours The Rainbow tells the story of a man holding lonely vigil over a comatose girl (‘I’m waiting for her to wake up/Day after day/Year after year’), while Radio is a lament for the Swinging 60s, when ‘there was no hatred and no greed – all we did was pass the weed’. 

Still, this is packed to the gills with good stuff, and consummate musicianship is top of the agenda. Dual keyboards come atcha in swathes and the bass of Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo/Steve Hackett) burbles like a simmering kettle. There’s a delightful closing track in My Dog, a gentle paean to a mutt called Blondie who ‘doesn’t care about my cheesy lyrics’. Next time someone asks you to name a famous Belgian, keep the moniker Fish On Friday up your sleeve. (8/10)


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